What is Keywords Studios Montréal?

Keywords Studios Montréal is a flagship studio within the Keywords Studios group, an international services provider to the video games industry. The Keywsords group has 40 studios around the world in 4 different continents, and our Montréal studio employs up to 1500 people at peak times. Our services range from QA to Translation, Customer support and Player Research, and we are always looking to add more awesome people to our team!

Take a look at some of the clients we have worked with: Square Enix, EA, WB Interactive Entertainment, Telltale Games, Hi-Rez Studios, WB Games Montréal, Rosetta Stone, Sony Computer Entertainment, Konami, Double Fine, NCSoft, Tt Games, Nexon, Oculus, Tilting Point, Ubisoft, Spin Master, Gearbox Software, Facebook, Blizzard Entertainment, Google, Bioware, Intel and more!

Keywords International

Keywords was established in 1998 and is an international technical service provider to the global Video Game Industry with studios in Dublin, London, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, New Delhi, Pune, Montréal, Seattle, Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro. With over 1,500 games passionate employees around the world, they provide a range of translation, testing, audio, customer care and art production services to Video Game Developers and Publishers alike. Their brands include Keywords, Babel Media, Binari Sonori, Lakshya Digital, Alchemic Dream, Reverb, Kite Team, Liquid Development and Liquid Violet.

Alchemic Dream

Established in 2001, Alchemic Dream was the first company to provide services dedicated to game developers and publishers, and their experience and expertise are unmatched. Their expertise was earned on real cases – day after day – as they have assisted throughout the launch and operation of over 200 successful online products. They do not consider themselves an external service provider but rather a strategic partner: they constantly work to actively improve your users’ satisfaction and retention.

Babel Media

Founded in 1999, Babel is a leading global provider of outsourced services to the games and interactive entertainment industries. Our specialty is QA, and games are our passion.

We have both a local and global reach, with offices in North America and Asia, and an experienced QA support network that spans across the world. We are part of the renowned Keywords group, an impressive worldwide array of studios offering quality focused, multilingual services from pre-production through to live support.

We maintain long term partnerships with the biggest players in the industry, and we work with publishers and developers, large and small. We are an approved Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation® and Nintendo QA test partner and have worked on some of the most successful games in recent years.