What can you expect from working at our Keywords Studios Montréal Studio?

First of all, you will have the immense satisfaction of knowing that you aided in the development of a AAA-title or a mobile app for people all around the world to use! Imagine a polished game that is enjoyed by millions of people. That is thanks to the hard work we put into our projects.

Some perks of working at Keywords Studios Montréal:

– Free donut and bagel days
– Outings with your team
– Fun Christmas parties
– Barbecue picnics
– Contests
– Fruit baskets

At Keywords Studios Montréal, you get the chance to meet people from all around the world who share similar interests with you. You will also get to spend time in Montréal, the city of year round festivals, videogames, conventions like Otakuthon and Comiccon, world famous restaurants and incredible nightlife.

Lastly and ultimately, you will get paid to do something you are really passionate about.

Justin Fernandes

 “…what started as a fun way to make some cash, has turned into a career that I can be proud of.”

Justin Fernandes
Localisation QA project manager

Michelle Lamontagne

“Everyone here is so friendly, welcoming, encouraging, helpful… I never felt so at home in a working environment. I have NEVER felt so genuinely happy. And it’s all thanks to the people at Keywords Studios Montreal. “

Michelle Lamontagne
QA Tester

Vanessa Harnois Savage

“I moved to Montréal after my studies and was hired by Keywords Studios Montreal as a functionality tester. I am very happy here!”

Vanessa Harnois Savage
Certification Tester

Jeff LeGresley

“… recognizing that I had the chance to work on dozens of diverse projects per year was the driving force behind choosing Keywords over some of the other AAA studios in Montreal.”

Jeff LeGresley
Functionality QA project manager

Mirelys Sanchez

“I wake up every morning happy to come to work where I feel appreciated as an employee. The company has given me the opportunity to grow professionally. And most important of all, I work with one of the best teams I’ve ever had the chance to work with.”

Mirelys Sanchez
Talent Recruiter